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November DJ Meetup in Austin - RichesArt Gallery

True to my word, I organized another DJ Meetup here in Austin, aiming to deepen connections with fellow DJs and to cultivate a stronger sense of community for all of us.

These moments of social connection with local creatives has been incredibly refreshing, providing us opportunites to catch up, discuss upcoming gigs, delve into personal lives beyond work situations, and to explore each person's unique goals and aspirations.

In November, RichesArt Gallery generously hosted our meetup, providing a vibrant space for our gathering; and once more, I teamed up with photographer Jay Ybarra for the photoshoot, he skillfully captured all the photos showcased here.

RichesArt Gallery is the only black owned art gallery in Austin. Located on the East side of the city, this gallery embodies an eclectic avant-garde spirit vital to inspiring and enriching Austin's growing community thirsty for culture.

The contemporary gallery is home to over one hundred unique works displayed in multiple mediums including watercolor, mixed-media, printmaking and more.

Additionally this distinctive space is community focused - by hosting a variety of diverse programming throughout the year such as curated art exhibitions, interactive watercolor classes, figure drawing classes, neighborhood block parties and comedy shows.

Presently showcased at RichesArt Gallery is "A Letter To You", a solo exhibit by the gallery's founder, Richard Samuel, featuring an impressive collection of over 250 original paintings.

You can support the gallery's mission to curate an inclusive an accessible art space in Austin by becoming a member! As a member, you'll receive exclusice access to artists, events and space to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and creatives.

Fellow Austin DJs - I'll be continuing the montly meetups in 2024 and look forward to seeing some new faces and sharing your stories in the upcoming new year. I'll be posting about future dates via Instagram for this project, but if you're interested in participating please feel free to contact me direct via email -

As always, I want to thank the featured DJs for their time and talents as they keep the local music and entertainment industry strong, diverse and vibrant.


Explore the biographies and captivating headshots of each DJ below - providing an exclusive glimpse into their stories, unique DJ styles and compelling narratives that shaped their musical journeys.

I hope you take the time to read through everyone's profile and follow them on socials!

Lauren Light is an Austin based open format DJ for the baddies. She aims to be a catalyst for change, bridging local artists' talents through her digital zine, SHE A ISSUE and bi-monthly online radio show, The Lauren Light Show, which center on highlighting the stories of local and emerging black and brown artists.

Beyond music, she champions unity and shared stories, believing in the power of collaboration. She currently hosts Haven, a weekly open decks safe space and girly kickback, and is working to produce an all women showcase in February that highlight the women featured in the first volume of SHE A ISSUE.


Meet GL "Gniice" Rivera, the globe-trotting musical nomad, leaving beats in his wake from Tokyo's bustling streets to Atlanta's southerplayalistic scenes, D.C.'s Gogo, to LA's G-Funk, and beyond. He finally rooted himself in Austin, the heart of musical magic.

Before music, Gniice served 15 dynamic years as an Army Officer, finding solace and inspiration in farway lands. Music became his muse, igniting his DJing passion.

Gniice's influences? A tapestry of sounds, from the Neptunes to Prince, Sheila E. to Rick James, saxophonist John Coltrane, and the soulful notes of Sade and Aaliyah. DMX's raw hip-hop flavor to the mix.

Embracing the 80's, Gniice weaves hip-hop, R&B, Baile Funk, jazz, house, and reggaeton into mesmerizing sets. Music he believes, unites souls, transcending barriers.

Join Gniice on a melodic odyssey, where good music enchants and uplifts. Get ready for a soul-stirring journey that'll leave you craving more.


With 10+ years of DJ’ing experience in differing capacities, DJ Pharill has the ability to be able to provide a wide array of clients with a one of a kind experience tailored just for them. DJ Pharill is not simply a niche DJ that is known for one thing.

His musical taste is eclectic by nature, and he takes tremendous pride in his ability to curate various vibes for a diverse client base.

Whether you are wanting to execute a tasteful and elegant vision, or are willing to push the boundaries of your event, Pharill is the DJ for you.


As the creator of these monthly meetups, Helios is dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community within the local DJ industry.

In 2024 she aims to continue connecting people through music, while also maintaining collaborations with brands and organizations that resonate with her core values.

Helios has released multiple successful mixes under her HYU (Hype You Up) series, which she plans to continue in the upcoming new year so stay tuned for something dropping soon!



Credits -

Photographer - Jay Ybarra

Featured DJs - Pharill, Helios, Lauren Light,+ Gniice

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